October 5-9, 2014


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Title of presentation

David AIKEMA CyberSKA / University of Calgary  
Mark ALLEN CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg  
Alessandra ALOISI STScI  
Warren ANDERSON LIGO D6 Enabling Collaboration Between Astronomers
Kenneth ANDERSON AURA/Gemini Observatory P5.5 AstroData Descriptors: A Generic Metadata Interface
Jonathan ANTOGNINI Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María O7.2 Evaluating a NoSQL alternative for Chilean Virtual Observatory Services
Mauricio ARAYA UTFSM O1.5 Exorcising the Ghost in the Machine: Synthetic Spectral Data Cubes for Assessing Big Data Algorithms
Christophe ARVISET ESA-ESAC P8.1 Euro-VO Registry
Joseph ASTIER Large Binocular Telescope Observatory  
Roberto AVILA Space Telescope Science Institute P2.18 DrizzlePac 2.0 - Introducing New Features
Ji-Hye BAEK Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute P6.4 2-D visualization of global D-region and polar cap absorption
Sylvia BAGGETT STScI P2.21 Understanding and Mitigating Radiation Damage Effects in the HST/WFC3 CCD Detectors
Pascal BALLESTER ESO P2.16 The High Level Data Reduction Library
Christopher BEAUMONT Harvard University O5.1 Hackable User Interfaces in Astronomy
Jacek BECLA SLAC O1.4 Enabling Scalable Data Analytics for LSST and Beyond through Qserv
Alexandre BEELEN Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale  
Bruce BERRIMAN IPAC, Caltech P5.2 Data and metadata management at the Keck Observatory Archive.
Steven BERUKOFF National Solar Observatory P1.7 Next-generation solar data and data services from the Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope
Thomas BOCH CNRS - Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg P6.8 Evaluating techniques for interactive exploration and visualization of large astronomical datasets
David BOHLENDER Canadian Astronomy Data Centre  
François BONNAREL CDS/Observatoir de Strasbourg/CNRS  
Nicolas BUCHSCHACHER Geneva Observatory D5 Data and Analysis Center for Exoplanets
Hugo BUDDELMEIJER Kapteyn Astronomical Institute O5.10 Analyzing Living Surveys: Visualization beyond the Data Release
Nicola CAON Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias  
Nicolas CARDIEL Universidad Complutense de Madrid P2.14 Histogram comparison via numerical simulations
Marco CASTELLANO INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma O8.3 Improving resolution and depth of astronomical observations with the help of modern mathematical methods for image analysis
M.Teresa CEBALLOS Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC) P2.13 Energy reconstruction in events detected in TES X-ray detectors
Seonghwan CHOI Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute  
Byron CHU Cybera  
Roman CHYLA ADS O7.1 ADS 2.0: new architecture, new API, new functionality
Melanie CLARKE USRA-SOFIA P2.30 REDUX: a common interface for SOFIA instrument reduction pipelines
Vito CONFORTI INAF - IASF Bologna P8.10 The high-level interface definitions in the ASTRI/CTA Mini Array Software System (MASS)
Mark CRESITELLO-DITTMAR SAO An nD Cube Data Model for the Virtual Observatory
Darren CROTON Swinburne University of Technology O7.6 Building model universes in the "cloud": the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO)
Chenzhou CUI National Astronomical Observatories, CAS O8.5 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Overview
Guido CUPANI INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste P2.8 Data Analysis Software for the ESPRESSO science machine
Lindsey DAVIS NRAO / NAASC P2.12 The ALMA Pipeline Execution Framework
Jeroen DE JONG Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics O5.4 Spectral Cube Visualisation and Explorer Tool from the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment
Michele DE LA PENA Large Binocular Telescope Observatory P8.6 LBTO Real-time Alarm Notification/Management and Error Diagnostic Tools
Marco DE MARCO OATs INAF P8.4 New Archiving Distributed InfrastructuRe (NADIR): status and evolution.
Markus DEMLEITNER Universität Heidelberg/GAVO P7.6 RegTAP -- a new API to the VO registry
Sébastien DERRIERE CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg P5.9 Fixing images observation dates thanks to asteroids
Erik DEUL Leiden Observatory  
Rosa DIAZ Space Telescope Science Institute P8.9 MESA: Supporting Software development with devoted scientific input
Adam DOBRZYCKI ESO P8.11 News from the ESO Science Archive Facility
Thomas DONALDSON Space Telescope Science Institute D3 MAST Data Discovery Portal - Source Catalog Browsing and Advanced Searches
Theresa DOWER Space Telescope Science Institute  
Patrick DOWLER Canadian Astronomy Data Centre  
Daniel DURAND National Research Council Canada  
Ken EBISAWA JAXA/ISAS D1 Dagik Earth (a visualization project of the earth and planets on a spherical screen) and IUGONET (Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork)
Frossie ECONOMOU LSST O2.1 How should astronomy pay for software?
Satoshi EGUCHI Fukuoka University  
Ian EVANS Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory P2.9 Building Release 2 of the Chandra Source Catalog
Giuseppina FABBIANO SAO  
Dongwei FAN National Astronomical Observatories, CAS P1.3 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Data Access and Interoperability
Henry FERGUSON Space Telescope Science Institute P2.31 Post-Pipeline Data Analysis Software Planning for JWST
Pierre FERNIQUE Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg - CDS O5.5 Hierarchical methods for the generation, publication and visualization of huge astronomical data cube surveys.
Scott FLEMING STScI / CSC P1.6 gPhoton: A Time-Tagged Database of Every GALEX Photon Event and Associated Open-Source Python Tools
Lucas FUHRMAN AURA / Gemini Observatory  
Trevor FULTON University of Lethbridge P2.29 The Herschel/SPIRE Spectrometer Phase Correction Data Processing Tasks
Carlos GABRIEL ESA / ESAC O2.4 Long term preservation of data analysis capabilities
Christopher GELINO NExScI/Caltech P2.32 Design and Implementation of Data Reduction Pipelines for the Keck Observatory Archive
Francoise GENOVA CDS/Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg - CNRS  
Ranpal GILL Rhea for ESA – European Space Agency P8.7 BepiColombo Science Ground Segment Requirements Management and more with native JIRA
Tatiana GOLDINA IRSA/IPAC, Caltech O5.7 Web-based 2-d visualization with large datasets
Eduardo GONZALEZ SOLARES University of Cambridge  
Arvind GOPU Indiana University O1.3 Rapid Large Scale Reprocessing of the ODI archive using the QuickReduce Pipeline
Gretchen GREENE Space Telescope Science Institute P1.1 The "One Archive" for JWST
Carl GRILLMAIR California Institute of Technology P4.6 Completeness Mapping of All-WISE Point Sources
Steve GROOM Caltech/IPAC  
Anthony GROSS LAM P6.1 ETC-42 : A Generic, VO compliant, Exposure Time Calculator
Stephen GWYN Canadian Astronomy Data Centre O7.3 Agregating metadata from multiple archives: a non-VO approach
Robert HANISCH National Institute of Standards and Technology P8.8 Astrophysics Source Code Library Enhancements
Miranda HAWARDEN-OGATA NASA IRTF, Institute for Astronomy  
Soichi HAYASHI Indiana University O7.7 PPA Stack: User Driven Image Stacking for ODI data and beyond via a Highly Customizable Web Interface
Boliang HE National Astronomical Observatories, China P5.1 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Data Archiving and Quality Control
Jose HERNANDEZ European Space Agnecy O1.2 Data Management challenges in Gaia
Adam HINCKS University of British Columbia O4.2 Managing Hardware Configurations and Data Products for the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment
Michael HUCKA California Institute of Technology P8.5 Organizing community-based data standards: lessons from developing a successful open standard in systems biology
Alexander HUTTON Aurora Technology B.V.  
Eunmi HWANG Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute P5.3 SDO data search using metadata in KDC for SDO
Aitor IBARRA IBAIBARRIAGA ESAC/ESA P8.14 Inquiring, giving opinions, deciding democratically within large communities
Preshanth JAGANNATHAN National Radio Astronomy Organization P4.9 Direction Dependent Effects In Widefield Wideband Full Stokes Radio Imaging - A Challenge For The Next Generation Radio Telescope Surveys.
Eric JESCHKE National Astronomical Observatory of Japan P6.3 Enhancements to Ginga: a python package for building astronomical data viewers
Brian KENT NRAO P6.2 3D Visualization of Astronomical Data with Blender
Sumiko KIDA Waseda University P2.20 Analytical method using simulation data for time-series fringe data
Jai Won KIM JHU P7.5 AWOB: a collaborative workbench for astronomers
Slava KITAEFF ICRAR/UWA P8.13 Large astronomy imaging with JPEG2000.
    P1.8 Compression of Visibility Data for MWA
Yukinobu KOYAMA Kyoto University  
Tony KRUEGER Space Telescope Science Institute  
Robert KRZACZEK Rochester Institute of Technology P2.34 Automated and Scalable Data Reduction in the SOFIA Data Processing System
Martin KUEMMEL LMU Munich - Department of Physics O8.1 Source Detection and Classification in Euclid
Kathleen LABRIE Gemini Observatory  
Mark LACY NRAO O7.8 The NRAO archive and pipeline reprocessing interface
Uwe LAMMERS European Space Agency O6.1 How is Gaia doing at L+10m?
Gilles LANDAIS CDS, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg P2.7 VizieR data extraction disseminated through widgets
Walter LANDRY Caltech/IPAC  
Omar LAURINO SAO P2.15 Sherpa - On the Move to Open, Collaborative Development
Denis LEAHY University of Calgary P8.2 A Java Interface for Roche Lobe Calculations
Matthias LEE Johns Hopkins University O8.4 Streaming Multiframe Deconvolutions on GPUs
Gerard LEMSON Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics O4.1 Astronomical Data Integration beyond the Virtual Observatory
Jim LEWIS University of Cambridge  
Changhua LI National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Acade P1.2 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Cloud Computing Environments
Ganghua LIN National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Acade P.1.9 Preprocessing of ground-based Halpha observation data
Wilson LIU WIYN Observatory P2.25 Pipeline Operator Workflow for the ODI-PPA: A Novel Approach for Processing and Validating User Data
Nuria LORENTE AAO P4.4 March of the Starbugs: Configuring Fibre-bearing Robots on the UK Schmidt Telescope's Optical Plane
    B2 Session on the Future of ADASS
Mireille LOUYS Observatoire / ICube P5.8 Planetary and Solar data labeled with IVOA Unified Content Descriptors
Steve LUBOW STScI O1.7 The Hubble Source Catalog
Alan MACFARLANE ESAC/ESA P2.1 The BepiColombo Archive Core System
Daniel MAGEE UCO/Lick Observatory  
Brian MAJOR CADC / National Research Council Canada  
Bob MANN University of Edinburgh B1 Session on Astronomical Data Formats
Gaelen MARSDEN University of British Columbia P2.6 Map-making for large-format detector arrays on CCAT
Thomas MARTIN Université Laval (Québec, Canada) P2.22 ORBS, A data reduction software for SITELLE and SpIOMM
Thomas MCGLYNN NASA/GSFC B3 Distributed Science Operations in the VO-Enabled World
Luke MCKAY Univ. of Hawaii 2.2m Telescope  
Brian MCLEAN Space Telescope Science Institute  
Guillaume MELLA JMMC / Obs. Grenoble  
Emiliano MERLIN INAF-OAR O8.2 TPHOT: Advanced techniques of precision photometry for present and future multiwavelength surveys
Laurent MICHEL Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg P6.10 The XCatDB, a rich interface for the 3XMM catalogue
Joe MILLER CfA/SAO O5.6 Reviewing ChIPS, Chandra Interactive Plotting System
Jessica MINK Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory P5.4 Thirty Years, One Million Spectra: Public Access to the SAO Spectral Archives
    B1 Session on Astronomical Data Formats
Chrystel MOREAU LAM/CeSAM P7.3 Information System implementation through ANIS @ CeSAM
Christian MOTCH Observatoire de Strasbourg P4.1 The ARCHES project
Patrick MULUMBA University of Cape Town O5.9 Scientific visualization of Radio Astronomy data using gesture Interaction
Yujin NAKAGAWA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency P2.26 Developments of the MAXI Data Archive
David NAYLOR University of Lethbridge P2.27 The Herschel/SPIRE Spectrometer Astronomer Reprocessing and Useful Scripts
Duy Cuong NGUYEN University of Toronto  
Junichi NOUMARU Subaru Telescope  
William O'MULLANE ESA/ESAC P2.23 Upcoming ESAC Science Ground segments.
Anais OBERTO CDS, Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg P7.1 TAP usage in SIMBAD
Patrick OGLE IPAC O1.1 Rule-based Cross-matching of Very Large Catalogs
Pedro OSUNA ESA P8.15
Fabio PASIAN INAF - OATrieste O6.4 Organization of the Euclid Data Processing
Fernando PEREZ-LOPEZ ESA/ESAC P2.5 Framework for the integration of multi-instrument pipelines in the BepiColombo Science Operations Control System
François-Xavier PINEAU CDS, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg O1.6 Towards a next-gen catalogue cross-match service
Kai Lars POLSTERER HITS gGmbH P1.4 Automatic Classification of Galaxies via Machine Learning Techniques
Daniel PRICE Harvard / CfA O4.4 Is HDF5 a good format to replace UVFITS?
Lee QUICK Space Telescope Science Institute  
Elena RACERO Universidad Complutense de Madrid P7.4 Towards an Autonomous Telescope Network: the TBT Scheduler
Anne RAUGH University of Maryland P3.3 An Overview of PDS4 Archival File Formats
William ROBY Caltech O7.5 Next Generation Search Interfaces
Anthony ROGERS Space Telescope Science Institute  
Simon ROSEN University of Leicester P2.19 3XMM-DR4: The latest XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue
Erik ROSOLOWSKY University of Alberta O5.2 The Cube Analysis and Rendering Tool for Astronomy (CARTA)
Arnold ROTS CfA/SAO  
Jesus SALGADO ESAC/ESA P4.8 Gaia Archive implementation. Waiting for one billion stars
Renaud SAVALLE Paris Observatory P6.7 POMME: Exploring time domain astronomy in the Andromeda galaxy
Reinhold SCHAAF University Bonn P3.1 A new HDF5 based raw data model for CCAT
Andre SCHAAFF Observatoire de Strasbourg - CNRS - CDS O5.3 Immersive-3D visualization of astronomical data.
Rob SEAMAN NOAO P3.2 Data engineering for archive evolution
Matt SHERWOOD University of Lethbridge P2.28 Commissioning of the FTS-2 Data Reduction Pipeline
Yuji SHIRASAKI National Astronomical Observatory of Japan  
Keith SHORTRIDGE Australian Astronomical Observatory O4.3 A glimpse at different file formats
RALPH SHUPING Space Science Inst. P2.33 Overview of the SOFIA Data Processing System: A generalized system for manual and automatic data processing at the SOFIA Science Center
Rob SIMMONDS University of Calgary O3.1 SKA Data Delivery Options
Petr SKODA Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences P1.5 Knowledge Discovery in Mega-Spectra Archives
Yihan SONG National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Acade  
Danuta SOSNOWSKA Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland P2.3 Flexible and modular data reduction library for fiber fed echelle spectrographs
Ingrid STAIRS University of British Columbia O3.2 Data Challenges and Strategies for Large Pulsar Projects
Travis STENBORG Macquarie University P4.5 Greedy Set Cover Field Selection for Multi-object Spectroscopy in C++ MPI
Jeroen STIL University of Calgary O2.3 Stacking of radio surveys
Elizabeth STOBIE NOAO  
Felix STOEHR ESO O3.3 The future of astronomy and the ALMA archive
Douglas SUMMERS Large Binocular Telescope Observatory  
Jason SURACE IPAC/Caltech O6.2 The Palomar Transient Factory: Challenges in Rapid Turnaround, High Quality Data Processing
Christian SURACE Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille  
Daryl SWADE Space Telescope Science Institute P2.4 JWST Science Data Products
Giuliano TAFFONI INAF - OATS P8.12 Cloud Computing for Astronomers on top of EGI Federated Cloud.
Tadafumi TAKATA National Astronomical Observatory of Japan  
Russ TAYLOR University of Cape Town  
Mark TAYLOR University of Bristol P6.5 External use of TOPCAT's plotting library
Harry TEPLITZ Caltech/IPAC P6.9 IRSA’s New Look: Design Considerations
Peter TEUBEN University of Maryland P2.17 ADMIT: ALMA Data Mining Toolkit
William THUILLOT Paris Observatory P2.24 Data mining, ingestion and diffusion of planetary data on natural satellites
Douglas TODY NRAO  
Karan VAHI USC Information Sciences Institute P2.11 Compute Pipelines with Advanced Data Management using Pegasus WMS
Francisco VALDES National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) P4.3 A Moving Object Detection System (MODS) for the DECam NEO Survey
Juan Carlos VALLEJO ESAC/GMV P2.10 Flexible and Modular Design for the BepiColombo Science Operations Control System
Ignacio VERA European Southern Observatory P5.10 The challenges in metadata management: 20+ years of ESO data
Gijs VERDOES KLEIJN OmegaCEN, Kapteyn Institute, Univ. of Groningen O7.4 The OmegaCAM-VST and MUSE-VLT survey federations
Clement VIDAL LAM/CESAM P2.2 EPIC, a C++ inter processes communication framework
Nicholas WALTON Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge O2.5 The PLATO Exoplanet Analysis System - Data Processing Challenges from the Next Generation Planet Hunter
Chris WILLOTT CADC, NRC P7.2 Advanced Searching at the CADC
Thomas WINEGAR Subaru Telescope  
Xiuqin WU IPAC/Caltech  
Zhenyu WU NAOC  
Jian XIAO Tianjin University P8.3 AstroCloud, a Cyber-Infrastructure for Astronomy Research: Architecture
Michael YOUNG Indiana University P5.7 Operational Support for Instrument Stability through ODI-PPA Metadata Visualization and Analysis
Xianchuan YU Beijing Normal University  
Yanxia ZHANG National Astronomical Obsrvatories,CAS P2.35 Various Approaches for Targetting Quasar Candidates