October 5-9, 2014


P8.13 Large astronomy imaging with JPEG2000.

Slava Kitaeff (ICRAR/UWA)

A.Wicenec (UWA, AU), D. Taubman (UNSW, AU)

The sheer volume of data anticipated to be captured by future radio telescopes, such as, The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and its precursors present new data challenges, including the cost and technical feasibility of data transport and storage. Servicing such data as images to the end-user in a traditional manner and formats is going to encounter significant performance fallbacks. Thus, image and data compression are going to be important techniques to reduce the data size. We discuss the requirements for extremely large radio spectral-imaging data-cubes, and in this light we analyse the applicability of the approach taken in the JPEG2000 (ISO/IEC 15444) standards. We provide the quantitative analysis of the e ffects of JPEG2000’s lossy wavelet image compression algorithm on the quality of the radio astronomy imagery data. This analysis is completed by evaluating the completeness, soundness and source parameterisation of the Duchamp source finder using compressed data. We report that the JPEG2000 image compression can be effectively used for noise filtering.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Other