October 5-9, 2014


P6.7 POMME: Exploring time domain astronomy in the Andromeda galaxy

Renaud Savalle (Paris Observatory)

David Valls-Gabaud, Paris Observatory and the POMME collaboration

Time-domain astronomy has long been possible only in our Galaxy, but with the advent of wide field cameras and massive surveys it has now become possible to study star variability in other galaxies. The project POMME (Pixel Observations of M31 with MEgacam) aims at creating the largest database of variable stars in the Andromeda galaxy.

The database extends over 10 years of observations carried out at the INT (Canaries), CFHT (Hawaii) and HST, and is designed to explore two major problems: (1) the cosmological distance scale, and (2) the baryonic dark matter content of M31.

In this poster we will describe the making and current contents of the POMME SQL database as well as the Web visualization tool that have been developed thanks to VO standards such as ADQL and ObsTAP. This tool allow astronomers to display catalogs and associated bibliographical data on a zoomable image of M31, as well as light-curves of selected sources.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Visualisation for astronomy