October 5-9, 2014


P7.5 AWOB: a collaborative workbench for astronomers

Jai Won Kim (MPA and JHU)

Gerard Lemson, MPA and JHU

We present the Astronomers Workbench (AWOB), a web-based collaboration platform for a scientific project of any size, developed in collaboration between the Max-Planck institutes of astrophysics and extra-terrestrial physics and the Max-Planck Digital Library. AWOB facilitates the collaboration between geographically distributed astronomers working on a common project throughout its whole scientific life cycle. AWOB does so by making it very easy for scientists to set up and manage a collaborative workspace for individual projects as well as for large scale consortia. It supports inviting collaborators and managing working groups in a consortium. It supports automated mailing lists, calendars and event notification and has a built in chat facility. It allows the definition and tracking of tasks within projects, and the sharing of results between members of large consortia. It allows easy creation of e-publications for the dissemination of data and images and other resources that cannot be added to submitted papers. The existing AWOB instance has so far been limited to Max-Planck members and their collaborators, but will be opened to the whole astronomical community. AWOB is an open-source project and its source code is available upon request. We intend to extend AWOB's functionality also to other disciplines, and would greatly appreciate contributions from the community.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Web services and APIs