October 5-9, 2014


P2.19 3XMM-DR4: The latest XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue

Simon Rosen (University of Leicester)

Mike Watson (University of Leicester), John Pye (University of Leicester), Natalie Webb (IRAP, Toulouse), Axel Schwope (AIP, Potsdam), Michael Freyberg (MPE, Garching), Christian Motch (OAS, Strasbourg), Jean Ballet (CEA, Saclay), Francisco Carrera (IFCA, Santander), Mat Page (MSSL)

The 3XMM-DR4 catalogue is the third generation catalogue of serendipitous X-ray sources from the European Space Agency's (ESA) XMM-Newton observatory, and has been created by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC) on behalf of ESA. The catalogue contains over 531000 detections from 372000 unique sources observed in 7427 XMM-Newton observations, about 50% more than in than the preceding 2XMMi-DR3 catalogue, which was made public in April 2010. We describe the production and content of the 3XMM catalogue and its potential for exploring the high-energy sky. We review the key science-driven algorithmic and calibration changes to the processing pipeline adopted to enhance the scientific quality of the catalogue, such as the optimized filtering of background flares, better source parametrization, S/N-optimized extraction of source spectra, improvements to the astrometric analysis and upgrades to the catalogue construction process. Examples of the gains obtained are illustrated along with information about public access to the catalogue.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Data Analysis / Pipelines