October 5-9, 2014


P8.1 Euro-VO Registry

Christophe Arviset (ESA-ESAC)

Menelaus Perdikeas, Neuropublic for ESA/ESAC Pedro Osuna, ESA/ESAC Juan Gonzalez, SERCO for ESA/ESAC

The Euro-VO Registry, located, developed and operated at ESAC, is the one of the ‘full searchable registry’ available worldwide, gathering information about all VO-compliant resources. The Euro-VO Registry serves as a Registration point for European - and other countries- VO actors and data centres wishing to publish VO services, and harvest national and local registries around the world. Additionally, it provides a harvesting interface to other registries in the world to make sure the European VO services are also included in all other worldwide full registries. The Euro-VO Registry harvests other registries to ensure its completeness so VO applications developers and VO users can use it to discover all VO resources, from Europe and from all other VO projects. In particular, the Euro-VO registry will be supporting the new RegTAP search interface for the relational registry allowing arbitrary ADQL queries against its contents over a compliant TAP service. The recently obsoleted (for future developments) SOAP-based legacy search interface will also be supported for backwards compatibility purposes. Furthermore, in the context of the IVOA, some quality control and curation procedures for the registry resources are being defined. The Euro-VO Registry implements these procedures to ensure the high quality of the VO resources it references. The poster will give an overview of the recent development of the new Euro-VO Registry, together with its new curation facilities, both of which are being performed under a contract awarded to Neuropublic, under ESA’s special initiative to Greece.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Other