October 5-9, 2014


P5.7 Operational Support for Instrument Stability through ODI-PPA Metadata Visualization and Analysis

Michael Young (Indiana University)

Soichi Hayashi (Indiana University) Arvind Gopu (Indiana University) Ralf Kotulla (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Daniel Harbeck (WIYN) Wilson Liu (WIYN)

Over long time scales, quality assurance metrics taken from calibration and calibrated data products can aid observatory operations in quantifying the performance and stability of the instrument, and identify potential areas of concern or guide troubleshooting and engineering efforts. Such methods traditionally assume that the requisite metadata have been ingested into a database, and additionally require manual SQL query based analysis. The One Degree Imager - Portal, Pipeline, and Archive system harvests and indexes Quality Assurance metadata for all data products produced over the life of the instrument. In this paper we describe how, utilizing the industry standard Highcharts Javascript charting package with a customized AngularJS-driven user interface, we have made the process of visualizing and analyzing the long-term behavior of these QA metadata simple and easily replicated. Operators can easily craft a custom query using the powerful and flexible ODI-PPA search interface and visualize the associated metadata in a variety of ways (including scatter plots, and line, area, bar and column graphs) using the PPA-Charts feature. These customized visualizations can be bookmarked, shared, or embedded externally, and are dynamically updated during each access as new data products are ingested into PPA, thereby enabling operators to monitor the long-term health of their instrument with ease. This feature has already helped ODI operators identify the need for more frequent mirror cleanings, resulting in improved instrument throughput and performance.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Meta-data management