October 5-9, 2014


P8.4 New Archiving Distributed InfrastructuRe (NADIR): status and evolution.

Marco De Marco (OATs INAF)

Riccardo Smareglia, Cristina Knapic

The New Archiving Distributed InfrastructuRe (NADIR) has been developed at INAF-OATs IA2 (Italian National institute for Astrophysics - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, Italian center of Astronomical Archives), as an evolution of current archiving and distribution system, currently used on several telescopes (LBT, TNG, Asiago, ecc) to improve performance, efficiency and reliability. At the present, NADIR system is in under commissioning on LBT telescope, is used on Vespa (Italian telescopes network for outreach), and will be used on IRA (Istituto Radio Astronomia) archives of Medicina Noto and SRT radio telescopes. This paper will discuss the progress status, the difficulties encountered and the solutions adopted, during the development and the commissioning phase of the project. Will be presented, moreover, some performances benchmarks and thoughts about future development.

Mode of presentation: poster

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Other