October 5-9, 2014


D5 Data and Analysis Center for Exoplanets

Nicolas Buchschacher (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)

Damien Ségransan, Geneva Observatory, Switzerland, Rodrigo Díaz, Geneva Observatory, Switzerland

DACE is a facility based at the University of Geneva (CH) dedicated to extrasolar planets data visualisation, exchange and analysis. It consists on a database containing data from several observation techniques like radial velocities (HARPS, HARPS-N, CORALIE, SOPHIE), light curves (KEPLER), imaging (PUEO, NACO) and in a near future, astrometry. DACE provides sophisticated visualisation tools as well as few basics analysis tools through a web interface. Registered users have access to their data depending on observation programs while unregistered users have access to published data. DACE is a platform of the Swiss NCCR PlanetS project, federating the Swiss expertise in Exoplanet research. In this context, DACE will be further developed including a wide range of observational and theoretical data with the tools to analyse and compare them.

Mode of presentation: Invited Speaker (need to be confirmed by the SOC)

Applicable ADASS XXIV theme category: Focus Demo